EMOVE RoadRunner — Your Quick Guide

Are you looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to travel around town? The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter might just be the perfect solution for you. With a top speed of 34 mph and a range of up to 53 miles, this scooter is perfect for commuting or exploring your city. Its powerful motor and sturdy build make it a great option for riders of all ages and skill levels. 

But is it worth the investment? In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and performance of the EMOVE RoadRunner to help you decide if it’s the right electric scooter for you.


The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter offers a fast and smooth ride thanks to its powerful 350W front motor and 500W rear motor, which are designed for top speed. Unlike some other electric scooters that provide dramatic bursts of power, the RoadRunner’s motors deliver a smooth and consistent acceleration that feels like being pulled forward by gravity. 

The thumb throttle is also intuitive to use, making it easy for anyone with biking experience to feel right at home on the scooter. While it may take the RoadRunner 3.9 seconds to reach its top speed of 24 km/h, this is still 41% faster than a typical sharing scooter, meaning that riders can easily cruise around town at a brisk pace.

Hill Climb

One impressive feature of the EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter is its ability to handle hills with ease. Whether facing a gradual incline or a moderate hill, the RoadRunner can quickly and smoothly navigate the terrain without breaking a sweat. Its torque is truly noteworthy, as it can muster 33% more power than its closest competitor, the FIIDO Q1S. 

emove roadrunner hill climb

This makes the RoadRunner the standout hill climber of the seated scooter world, providing riders with the confidence to tackle any incline they may encounter on their journey. The RoadRunner’s impressive hill-climbing ability, combined with its sturdy build and customizable features, make it a top choice for riders seeking a reliable and enjoyable mode of transportation.

Top Speed

The EMOVE RoadRunner’s top speed is nothing to sneeze at – clocking in at 57 km/h, it’s one of the fastest seated electric scooters on the market. This is a significant improvement over the previous version and places it in the same league as some of the more well-known high-performance scooters. 

In comparison, it’s more than double the top speed of the Fiido Q1s. If you’re looking for a fast and thrilling ride, the RoadRunner’s top speed is sure to deliver.


The EMOVE RoadRunner can perform incredibly well by covering 53 kilometers on the course while in top performance mode. This range is impressive considering its price and comparable to the range of some of the fastest scooters in the world. 

If you need more range, it’s easy to double it by adding a second battery, which weighs around 15 lbs, similar to carrying three college textbooks, making it easy to carry in a backpack while riding or walking.

emove roadrunner range


The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter features a unique component that can be a bit confusing for some riders. While it has “ABS+” written on it, it actually has nothing to do with braking. ABS, in this case, stands for the Manitou Absolute+ damper used for adjusting the front forks’ stiffness. This mechanism allows riders to fine-tune their ride by either softening or stiffening the suspension, though it has its limitations. 

Fortunately, the scooter’s hefty air-filled tires make up for this, absorbing most shocks and vibrations while cruising down the road. Overall, while the suspension may not be the most advanced, the combination of the ABS+ damper and the tires still provide a relatively smooth and comfortable ride for riders.

The Braking System

The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter comes equipped with semi-hydraulic brakes that represent a significant improvement over earlier versions of the model. With these new brakes installed, riders can come to a stop from 15 mph in just 3.0 meters, which is even better than some Dualtron models and classifies the RoadRunner as having excellent stopping power. 

Another advantage of these brakes is their large discs, which help to dissipate heat and keep them in optimal working condition. This is particularly important for riders who may need to use the brakes frequently, such as when navigating crowded city streets. 

Charging Time

The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter features a detachable battery, which provides riders with the flexibility to easily replace it with an extra pack if it runs out of power while on the go. Although the battery takes 12 hours to recharge fully, the ability to replace it means that riders don’t have to wait for it to charge before continuing their journey. 

emove roadrunner charging time

Additionally, the detachable battery also makes it more convenient for riders who need to recharge it in different locations. With this feature, riders can bring an extra battery pack with them on their ride, ensuring that they always have a reliable source of power for their scooter.


When folded, the RoadRunner still may not be small enough to fit in most car trunks. However, it has impressive parking capabilities due to its tubular frame, allowing for almost infinite locking points. Plus, its detachable battery means you can take it with you when you lock up the scooter outside for an hour or two. 

This also makes it convenient for apartment dwellers who can easily lock it up in parking garages or bike racks and bring the lightweight battery upstairs for charging. You can carry the battery using the built-in handle or by backpacking it, either of which is effortless. The battery is deadbolt-locked to the scooter and can be quickly removed, reducing the weight of the scooter to around 48.5 lbs, making it more manageable to lift when needed.


One standout feature of the EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter is its adjustable handlebars. Not only can they be adjusted to accommodate your height and riding style, but they can also be repositioned towards or away from you. This customization allows you to tailor the scooter to your preferred riding stance, resulting in a more comfortable and personalized experience. 

Additionally, the handlebars can be folded down parallel to the frame for convenient storage and portability. The thumb throttle and buttons for toggling between motor modes are located on the right, while the left side features a multi-switch for lighting, turn signals, and horn control, along with an LED display. The hand grips are also designed with ergonomic flair, ensuring a comfortable and secure grip during your ride.

emove roadrunner handlers


The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter has a frame that sets it apart from other scooters on the market. With a design that leans more towards that of a bike, the RoadRunner features tough aluminum-alloy tubes welded together at sharp angles to create a sturdy and sleek aesthetic. The grippy foot pegs are a key detail that sets this scooter apart from e-bikes, which typically have pedals. 

The pegs offer excellent control and handling, making it easy to carve from side to side and lean into turns. This unique feature enhances the riding experience and gives riders a sense of confidence and stability while they navigate through city streets.


The EMOVE RoadRunner scooter has a remarkable feature in its wheels that sets it apart from other scooters. The 14-inch air-filled tires, which look like bike wheels, are a standout feature that provides a smooth ride and exceptional maneuverability. The foot pegs are designed to carry weight, which further enhances the scooter’s stability, allowing you to turn with ease and agility. 

Although some may argue that the wheels make it more like a bike than a scooter, it’s undeniable that they add to the fun factor. Whether you’re commuting or out for a weekend ride, the RoadRunner’s wheels will give you a thrilling experience as you carve through the streets.

LCD Display

The RoadRunner’s LCD display may not be the most advanced on the market, but it’s simple and easy to navigate. The display provides all the essential information that you need while you’re riding, such as the speed, distance traveled, and remaining battery life. However, the glossy screen may make it difficult to read under direct sunlight. 

emove roadrunner battery

In addition to this, the display features three-speed modes that you can switch between depending on your riding needs.


The RoadRunner’s headlight is a decent addition to the scooter’s safety features, but it may not be bright enough for darker areas. To fully ensure your safety, you may want to consider purchasing an additional headlight. The taillight is more versatile, doubling as turn signals and hazard lights. 

Although it’s visible during the day, it’s still recommended to use hand signals when turning. Thankfully, the RoadRunner’s wide and sturdy tires make it easier to do so without sacrificing balance, unlike other scooters.

Removable Battery

The RoadRunner is a fantastic scooter that comes with a detachable Dynavolt battery, which can make your riding experience even better. The battery is quite big, but the good news is that it only weighs 15 lbs, and comes with a handle, so you can carry it around with ease. With the detachable battery, you no longer have to worry about running out of charge while on the road, giving you peace of mind and more flexibility. 

You can charge the battery at home, at the office, or any other place with an available socket, making it super convenient. If you need additional batteries, Voro Motors offers them at a price of $490.

emove roadrunner charging time

Build Quality

The EMOVE RoadRunner’s build quality is impressive, with improvements made to several components since the prototype stage. The new memory-foam seat is much more comfortable, although it could be thicker. The front fork is also much better, able to support riders up to 330 lbs, while the handlebar height can be adjusted to suit different riding positions. 

The fenders have also been improved, with the rear fender being excellent, but the front fender may need to be extended for riding in the rain. Voro, the manufacturer, cautions riders to be careful in wet conditions, as the RoadRunner doesn’t have an IP rating and can only handle light rain.

The Quality of the Ride

The EMOVE RoadRunner may not offer the smoothest ride on the market, but it is still an impressive performer. Its ergonomic thumb throttle is one of its standout features, delivering a smooth and controlled acceleration that is complemented by the air-filled tires, memory-foam seat, and adjustable front suspension. 

While it may not match up to the NAMI Burn-e 2, it is a comfortable and pleasant ride whether you’re commuting or taking a weekend trip. Furthermore, the bike-inspired frame of the RoadRunner gives it a stable center of gravity, which is particularly useful when you’re cruising along at higher speeds. 

The only thing to keep in mind is that at faster speeds, the suspension can become unstable if it’s set too spongy. To remedy this, it’s recommended to stiffen the forks or lock them out entirely if you plan on going full throttle.

emove roadrunner quality


The RoadRunner comes with a one-year limited warranty from Voro Motors that covers replacements and repairs for any manufacturer defects on important parts such as the motor(s), battery, controller, voltmeter, LCD display, and throttle. However, customers are only allowed to claim replacements and repairs once for each part during the warranty period, and any additional repairs or replacements will come at an extra cost. 

It’s important to note that the warranty does not cover accidental damage, wear and tear, or misuse issues. Additionally, the frame, lights, button console, and small components are not included in the warranty. If you need repairs or replacement parts, Voro Motors has two premises, one in New York and the other in Los Angeles. 

They also offer a virtual tour of their offices and workshops, showcasing their commitment to quality control and customer satisfaction. With live chat, phone, and email support, as well as a team of technical experts, they are dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Is the Price Tag of EMOVE RoadRunner Worth It?

The EMOVE RoadRunner may come with a hefty price tag of $1,395, but it’s an investment that is worth every penny. This electric scooter is an exciting and exhilarating ride that provides stress-free mobility, easy acceleration, and impressive stability that will put you in control. 

The RoadRunner is the perfect vehicle for those who prefer seated scooters, offering unparalleled comfort and maneuverability. It’s a fun ride that will have you heading out for adventures at every opportunity. With its innovative design, the RoadRunner outpaces even the highly-regarded FIIDO Q1S, making it a must-have for anyone looking for a thrilling and reliable electric scooter.

Who Can Use EMOVE RoadRunner?

The EMOVE RoadRunner is a versatile scooter suitable for riders of all shapes and sizes, with a max load capacity of 330 lbs. The adjustable handlebars make it perfect for taller riders, and its combination of speed and comfort makes it ideal for commuting or leisurely weekend rides. 

However, it’s important to note that the RoadRunner is a powerful scooter that can go fast, so beginners should start off slow. Thankfully, the big wheels and foot pegs make it easy to handle, providing a fun and exciting ride for all experience levels.

Can You Ride the EMOVE RoadRunner in Heavy Rain?

It is not recommended to ride the EMOVE RoadRunner in heavy rain or other extreme weather conditions, such as snow or ice. While the scooter is designed to handle wet conditions to some extent, riding in heavy rain can be dangerous due to reduced visibility, increased chance of slipping, and potential damage to the electrical components. 

It’s important to use caution and make safe decisions when riding in adverse weather conditions.


The EMOVE RoadRunner electric scooter is a standout choice in the world of seated scooters. With its chunky 14-inch air-filled tires, adjustable handlebars, and a powerful motor, this quirky little rocket provides a stress-free and enjoyable riding experience. While it may not be the cheapest option on the market, the RoadRunner is certainly worth the investment for those seeking a fun and comfortable commute or weekend adventure. 

Its detachable battery adds another dimension of freedom to the riding experience, freeing riders from range anxiety. And with a max load capacity of 330 lbs, it’s suitable for riders of all sizes. Voro Motors’ excellent customer service and standard one-year limited warranty also provide peace of mind for riders. 


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