What is the Best Hoverboard for Beginners? — Ride With Ease and Safety (2024)

Hoverboards are only fun if you know how to ride. If you don’t, mounting one can be a painful and humiliating experience. Because most boards are overpowered and tuned for professionals, it isn’t easy to find a suitable one for beginners. Our team of experts reviewed several hoverboards to see which ones are best for new riders. Here’s what they found.

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Reviews of the Best Hoverboards for Beginners

1. SWAGTRON T580 App-Enabled Hoverboard

Our team of experts found the SWAGTRON T580‘s performance to be excellent. The hoverboard has sensitive but intuitive controls that detect the rider’s movements. It also has a mobile app that lets you toggle between three riding modes; precisely what beginner riders need.

We also found other excellent features on the board, like a powerful motor, a top speed of 7.5 mph, and two large 6.5 inch. wheels. The SWAGTRON T580 is also equipped with Bluetooth speakers for rider enjoyment and LED lights for illumination. Finally, it has a UL safety certification, making it one of the safest boards for beginners around.



2. JOLEGE Self-Balancing Hoverboard 6.5"

Our team found that the JOLEGE was an affordable board with tons of cool features. Our favorite is the ability to change riding modes, which adjusts the board’s response to rider commands. This hoverboard is also built with a strong and sturdy frame to withstand accidents and mistakes.

The JOLEGE 6.5″ Hoverboard has two LED lights on the front deck, rubber tires for smooth rides, and UL2272 safety certification. It also comes in 32 different colors, and they range from regular-white to exciting-graffiti. Unfortunately, this hoverboard is not for off-road use, so we could only ride it on smooth surfaces.



3. Hover-1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter

The Hover-1 is excellent for beginners, but pros can also ride it. The board has a max speed of 9 mph, a 9-mile travel range, and a powerful 4.3 Ah battery. The Hover-1 also has Bluetooth speakers that can play the music of your choice while you ride.

We were most fond of the hoverboard’s smartphone app. It lets you control everything about the board, from your music volume to LED headlights and even your riding mode. The riding mode is particularly great for beginners because it lets them ease into the experience. The Hover-1 Hoverboard Electric Scooter is also rated IPX4 water-resistant.



4. SISIGAD 6.5" Hoverboard with Bluetooth

While looking for the best hoverboards for beginners, we found the SISIGAD 6.5″ Hoverboard with Bluetooth. We were impressed by its self-balancing technology and the sturdy 6.5″ wheels. Together, these provide an excellent experience for those learning to ride. The SISIGAD also has fender LED lights for safety and swagger.

This hoverboard’s other features include UL 2272 safety certification, built in Bluetooth speakers, and a 6 mph top speed. We loved that it comes in 6 different colors because it gave us multiple options. This hoverboard can bear a maximum weight of 200 lbs and has a 4-hour charge time.



5. Hiboy W Hoverboard with LED light

This hoverboard has a simple design with a narrow deck, wide foot pedals with non-slip surfaces, and 6.5″ wheels. The entire hoverboard was designed without the common complications of other hoverboards, making it perfect for beginners looking for a simple way to learn how to ride.

The Hiboy W Hoverboard has dual 100W motors, a top speed of 7.5 mph, and a maximum travel distance of 5.5 miles. This mobility device also has a sturdy handle attached directly to the deck for easy handling. This, combined with its light weight make it one of the most portable boards on this list.



Hoverboard for Beginners Buyer's Guide

Design and Size

Board design often has little bearing on a beginner’s learning curve. However, components under the deck, like the sensors’ responsiveness and motor power, can influence ride mastery.


Most hoverboards for beginners don’t go above 9 mph because they are difficult to control at higher speeds. You need to learn some helpful hoverboard tips to run your boards smoothly. 

Battery Life

great beginner hoverboard like Swagtron T5 should have enough battery to allow long practice sessions. Anything between 45 and 60 minutes is excellent.

Ease of Use

Ease-of-use makes or breaks a hoverboard. The best hoverboards for beginners have simple and intuitive controls.

Weight Capacity

Since most beginner hoverboard riders are kids, weight capacity isn’t a top priority. As long as the board can handle a rider up to 100 lbs, you’re good to go.

However, heavier riders may need to find a hoverboard with higher weight ratings.


Portability refers to the weight of the board and how easy it is to carry. Some top quality  hoverboards for kids may also come with handles attached, while others give you a free carry bag with every purchase. Both of these make the hoverboard easier to carry.


Safety features like waterproofing and UL 2272 certifications [1] are crucial on a hoverboard for beginners.

Price and Warranty

The best hoverboards for beginners will cost between $100 and $300. Manufacturers also offer warranties up to a year on some of the board’s parts.

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What is the easiest hoverboard to ride?

The easiest hoverboard to ride is the SWAGTRON T580. It has excellent sensors and a training mode for beginners. The board also has learner-centric features like LED lights for visibility and Bluetooth speakers, so you can enjoy some music while you learn.

Our Top Pick For a Hoverboard for Beginners: SWAGTRON T580 App-Enabled Hoverboard

The SWAGTRON T580 is perfect for beginner riders. Its mobility sensors are calibrated for high responsiveness. The hoverboard has a mobile app that lets you choose a training mode for even more rider control. It has other features like a powerful motor and a long-lasting battery.

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