What is the Best Electric Skateboard Under 500? — Top Picks with Powerful Motors, Water Resistance, and More (2024)

Electric skateboards are the new way to get around while looking unbelievably cool at the same time. But can you find one for under 500 without getting long hours of charge and low top speeds? To avoid these issues, our team has found the best electric skateboards under 500 to ensure your money goes towards a good investment.

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Reviews of the Best Electric Skateboards Under 500

1. Blitzart Hurricane 38” Electric Longboard

The 38” Blitzart Huracane Electric Longboard is roomy and long rough for adults to take it for a spin. The maple deck is 7-ply and also contains bamboo for extra strength. The premium grip tape will keep you from slipping and give you maximum control over the electric board.

The flexible yet durable board can support 250 pounds of maximum weight and the 350-watt brushless hub motor is more reliable and can operate quietly even at a high speed. There is absolutely no need for assembly as the electric board comes fully put together and ready to go.



2. Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 Electric Skateboard

The Swagtron Swagskate N-3 is a coveted electric skateboard for its size. The N-3 is a smart electric board that has sensors to detect when you dismount. Right when you step off the deck, the board will automatically halt movement. The affordable electric skateboard is made almost entirely of polyurethane and polypropylene, which is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. The polyurethane wheels on the electric skateboard are shock absorbing to reduce the feel of bumps on the road. If you ever run into any trouble with this budget electric skateboard, the customer support is ready to assist you via email, phone, or even a live chat system.



3. Alouette Electric Skateboard for Adult 16 MPH Top Speed 12.4 Miles Range

The Alouette Electric Skateboard comes in three different bright colors for style, and a 5000 mAH lithium ion battery for operation. You can get 12.4 miles in range on a single charge with the Alouette board with a top speed of 16 mph. Hills and inclines of 15 degrees will be no problem for this board.

The deck is frosted to give you a secure grip beneath your feet with 7 players of maple wood holding your weight. The board can support up to 265 lbs weight and is one of the best electric skateboards under the 500 mark.



4. Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard Dual Brushless Motor Longboard

The next best electric skateboard on our list is the one our experts picked out for miles per hour and range. The Hiboy S22 Electric Skateboard has stronger trucks than the average electric skateboard under 500 and the 7 ply maple wood deck is sturdy yet still flexible.

With top speeds up to 18.6 miles per hour, the Hiboy S22 comes with a 350-watt brushless dual hub motor and is 36 inches long, enough to accommodate people of any size. The charge time for the battery only takes 2 hours to fully charge, which is one of the most efficient battery options offered by electric skateboards.



5. Azbo Electric Skateboard Longboard with Remote Control

The Azbo Electric Skateboard Longboard is a great choice for riders who have more experience as it offers more acceleration and deceleration capabilities. Under the cool graffiti design of the deck are layers of maple wood. The max speed of 11 miles per hour may not seem very impressive, but the guaranteed range from the fast-charging battery makes up for it.

The battery life lasts long and charges quickly in only 1.5 hours. The skateboard can handle up to 243 pounds of weight in total and the PU shock absorbing wheels will make sure it dampens the bumps in the road no matter the weight or top speeds.



6. Tooluck 27.5" Electric Skateboard

The next electric skateboard chosen by our experts is another affordable option that still delivers on build, performance and customer service. Let’s start with the dependable battery, which is a lithium ion that can hold a full charge in just 2 hours. 

The range only gets you 6-8 miles on a full charge, but you won’t ever be caught off-guard and stranded thanks to the wireless remote control. This nifty gadget allows you to control the movement of the skateboard and also monitor the battery life.

The 350-watt brushless motor of the Tooluck 27.5″ Electric Skateboard is virtually silent and can get you up to top speeds of around 12 miles per hour.



7. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

The RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard is a heavy-duty design that lands itself in the 8th spot. Our experts appreciate the simple design without many embellishments. The skateboard has the traditional look of an analog model but is powered by a 125-watt motor.

If you are a hobbyist or just an occasional rider, the RazorX provides speeds up to 10 miles per hour just for a simple ride. It is also constructed with maple wood and the deck can support 220 pounds yet still remain lightweight.

For easy control, the RazorX Cruiser comes with a remote control and wristlet so you can keep it onhand effortlessly.



8. Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard

Our team’s next choice is also one from Alouette that features 7 layers of maple wood for board construction paired with standout red polyurethane wheels. This material used for the wheels is not only meant to be durable, but it’s also very effective for shock absorption.

The high quality build of the Alouette Phoenix Ryders is not the only thing this board offers, the 250-watt dual hub motor supports regenerative braking wheels, which is a very reliable braking system to keep you safe.

The battery is also very dependable and the Alouette board also has a wireless remote control with a display screen that shows you the speed, power and mileage.



Electric Skateboards Under 500 Buyer’s Guide

What should the best electric skateboard under 500 feature? Many of the options offer different ranges, speeds, weight capacity and sizes. Other than that, our team will also talk about things like the materials, battery life, and safety features to help you make the right choice.

Design and Dimensions

Deciding on the design and size of the board is the first consideration. Manufacturers will clearly list out the size, usually in inches, of the board and the materials it’s constructed with. If possible, go for Canadian maple wood as it’s the toughest yet still lightweight material out there. Lots of companies prefer to use Canadian maple wood, or any maple wood in fact, is because it’s also affordable.

There are times when you might see the product listed as having how many layers of Canadian maple is used and sometimes that number is compounded with layers of bamboo for extra sturdiness. Our experts will clarify that the layers of wood are the same as the ply. So 7 ply Canadian maple wood is the same as 7 layers.

Maple wood is best for the balance of flexibility with rigidity. As a seasoned skateboarder will know, you can’t have a board that’s too stiff as it won’t give you any give when you navigate the board. However, one that’s too flexible will not be sturdy at all and can cause an imbalance.

The wheels are also very important as are the trucks on your skateboard. The wheels are what takes most of the friction during your rides, so you need them to be constructed from strong materials such as polyurethane. There are also PU options that aren’t bad and are more affordable.

The trucks are what gives you range of motion as you maneuver your board from left to right. They can’t be too loose or too tight, so durable trucks are preferred to absorb the tension.

Next up is the grip design on the deck. Premium grip tape on the deck will give you a secure foothold under your skate shoes and reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Our experts will remind you that just because a board comes with poorly built standard wheels and deck, many electric skateboards are highly customizable so it’s easy to switch out certain components with better ones.

Weight Capacity

You want the board to handle a lot of weight. Even if you yourself don’t weigh much, the more weight the skateboard is advertised to accommodate, the stronger it is. Most of the electric skateboards listed above can handle at least 200 pounds, and our experts suggest this as the basic standard.

Weight and Portability

Other than the skateboard’s weight capacity, you also want the board itself to be lightweight and easily portable. The best electric skateboard will be strong yet light, not only because it’s easier to carry around, but because lighter electric skateboards will be less of a strain on the battery and reach the max top speed easier.

Some factors that affect the weight and portability of your board include the materials, the size and length of the board, the battery and the motor.

Speed and Range

With all that aside, we finally get to the speed and range the skateboard offers, which is what most skateboarders tend to focus on and how electric skateboards perform. The range hinges on the battery life, while the speed correlates with the motor power. 

There are options that offer a range of almost 20 miles while others range 11 miles and under. We won’t say an item with a shorter range is necessarily a worse product, it just depends on what you need and how far you travel. As a rule of thumb, our experts say to look for boards that can offer 12 miles or further in range for more avid riders.

The speed of your electric skateboard can also vary. Depending on what you prefer and your experience, there are boards like the WowGo 2S skateboard that can hit top speeds of 30, but others that only give you 10 miles. For beginners, our experts do not suggest going for a faster and more powerful board for obvious safety reasons.

One very practical and beneficial feature that some boards offer is speed modes. This allows you to customize how fast the board can go, so as you gain experience, you can also increase the speed levels.


Like we mentioned, the speed has to do with the motor power. There are two types of skateboard motors — hub motors and belt drives. As you have noticed, most options on our list feature hub motors, and that’s because they are affordable, very small as they fit into the tiny wheels, and they are also lightweight.

Hub motors are also a lot quieter than belt drives. Think about an electric garage door, a belt drive can be quite noisy, and skateboards are no exception. They are generally more powerful than hub motors and provide a ton of torque, but the maintenance takes a lot of effort.

To help you decide which type of motor is better for you, our experts have come up with two scenarios. If you’re someone who lives on uneven terrain, or your city features a lot of hills and slopes, then a belt system is the better option. It possesses more power than the hub motor and can drive you up inclines with less effort. However, it’s more likely for you to find hub motors in a board under 500 because they are more affordable. 

Hub motors are the better choice for casual riders or ones that travel on relatively flat land. Our experts recommend a hub motor to run easy errands around the neighborhood or to go short distances.


The maneuverability of an electric board hinges on the trucks and wheels. Wheels come in different sizes on a board and will greatly affect the comfort of the ride. You will find larger rubber wheels on standard all-terrain skateboards, but the ones on our list are a little less heavy-duty. 

E-boards are used more in the city, and the construction will reflect that. What’s most commonly seen is polyurethane wheels, which are both durable and shock absorbing. Again, the wheels are a part of the skateboard that is very easy to switch out. If you start to notice the standard wheels are no match for your activities, just simply purchase a different set.

Water Resistance

The water resistance ties into the durability of the board overall. We can’t predict the weather and even if we could, sometimes you need to run errands despite the rain. Because an electric board is meant to be used on the road, it’s inevitable that it may get wet.

What you don’t want is a board that shuts down after some splash damage. Don’t underestimate the importance of water-resistance. This is especially important for the motor. Since hub motors are located in the wheels itself, we’ve had people contest that their electric boards shut down after going through a puddle.

To save you from tossing hundreds of dollars down the drain, look for a board with an IP rating [1]. The IP rating will tell you the rate of water-resistance, from simple splash protection to downpour-proof. Make sure the IP rating is high enough for where you live, because water damage isn’t usually covered under the warranty, but more on that later.

Type of Skateboard

There are two main categories for electric skateboards. They are either meant for city riding, which are also the ones that have smaller polyurethane wheels and do well with a hub motor. Then there are the more heavy-duty ones meant for off-roading and rougher terrains. These are the ones with larger rubber wheels and a belt drive motor.

Street boards are lighter weight, smaller, and have lower top speeds and range. The all-terrain or off-road skateboards are heavier, larger, and more powerful. 

So which type is right for you? Consider where you live and what you will use the best electric skateboard under 500 for. City dwellers can often make do with the smaller street boards and those who live further out will benefit from the larger off-roaders.

Battery and Charging Time

As our team mentioned above, the range you get will depend on the battery life. Since we are going to address the battery life, our experts will also dive deeper into the battery charging time. Just because your board battery has a high ampere rating, the range won’t only depend on that. The efficiency of the battery and the type will also translate to a further range. In general, we want a powerful and larger lithium ion battery to go the distance and a short charging time.

Commuters will especially appreciate a longer battery life as most efficient ones should be able to get you to and from work at a reasonable distance. A larger battery will weigh down your board, which makes the top speed less achievable. Combine a heavier battery pack with your own weight and the weight of your belongings, your top speed may be a few miles lower.

You won’t have to pay an arm and a leg for more battery power, and this is another component of an electric skateboard that can be replaced to meet your needs. As for the charging time, the skateboard really shouldn’t take more than 3 hours maximum for a full charge. Most of the skateboard options we listed can reach full capacity in 1.5 to 2 hours.

Safety Features

The safety features on a best electric skateboard under 500 are the brakes. We all want high speeds and fast acceleration, but the breaking is often forgotten. You want to look for brakes that can halt your movement quickly but not too suddenly. The last thing you want is to race at breakneck speeds down a hill due to faulty brakes.

For this particular safety feature, our team recommends regenerative brakes. Aside from that, a wireless remote for extra control will also go a long way. One with an LED display will show you the speed, mileage and battery power among others to help you stay on top of things. 

One more thing that is vital to the safety of top-quality electric skateboard is the grip tape. Although the grip tape won’t affect the operation of the skateboard, it will give you more stability at higher speeds.

Price and Warranty

The price range of under 500 encompasses many products. You can find some items around 1000, and ones that are just shy of 500. Is there really a difference between e-boards priced at a lower range compared to ones that are higher up? Our experts say the operation is similar regardless, the difference is more apparent in the range, speed, and quality. It’s also likely a more expensive board will feature extra bonuses such as weight sensors and a wireless remote control.

As for the warranty, our team always suggests making sure your purchase comes with one. The warranty will vary from brand to brand and product to product, but it will give you some protection. Most warranties can range from 3 months to a year. What’s covered will most likely be damaged parts but not ones that suffer from usual wear and tear.

(Want your own skateboard? You can make one by following this guide on making DIY electric skateboard)

Our Top Pick For an Electric Skateboard Under 500: Blitzart Hurricane 38” Electric Longboard

Our team’s top recommendation for the best electric skateboard under 500 is the Blitzart Hurricane 38″. After vigorous testing, it stood up the best and can handle up to 250 pounds of weight. Constructed of maple wood, the Hurricane is very sturdy. The 350-watt motor can give you top speeds of around 19 miles per hour. The battery life is sufficient enough to offer around 10 miles of range, which makes it suitable for city-riding.

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