What is the Best Cheap Electric Skateboard? — Affordable Options for Adults and Children (2024)

Is a cheap skateboard as good as an expensive one? The answer to this question is critical because it can mean the difference between a board that works, and one that breaks after a few weeks. Our team of experts set out to answer this question by examining the best affordable electric skateboard.

Reviews of the Best Cheap Electric Skateboards

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1. Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard

The Blitzart Hurricane is a cheap electric skateboard, but its features say otherwise. It offers great value for money, from its maple and bamboo deck to its powerful twin 350W hub motors. This budget electric board also has durable wheels and comes with tons of customization options.

The electric skateboard can reach top speeds of 18 mph and travel 10 miles at a go. Our team also believes that it’s one of the best cheap electric skateboards because the battery only takes 2.5 hours to charge and can provide a run time of up to 4 hours.



2. Swagtron Swagskate NG-3

Swagtron is one of the leading providers of electronic mobility devices, and our experts wanted to see how they fared with skateboards. The Swagtron NG-3 is a compact electric skateboard with lots of power. It’s beautifully designed with a lion logo on the deck and strong, sturdy wheels.

This electric skateboard weighs just 7.7 lbs but has a weight capacity of 150 lbs and reaches a top speed of 9.3 mph. Driven by a 100W hub motor, it has a range of 6 miles on a single charge. The Swagtron NG-3 can also be ridden manually when you run out of battery.



3. RazorX Cruiser Electric Skateboard

The RazorX Cruiser deserves a spot on the list of affordable electric skateboards. Surprisingly, our experts found that it has the features of a premium skateboard. The RazorX is powered by a modest 125 Watt motor capable of reaching 10mph and a travel range of about 6.5 miles. It can support a rider weighing up to 220 lbs.

We love this affordable electric skateboard because it has a digital controller. It handles everything from speed adjustments to reactive braking. Thanks to its 5-ply maple deck, it is sturdy enough to handle the rigors of a dynamic riding session.



4. MEEPO V3 Electric Skateboard with Remote

The MEEPO V3 is one of the most popular top-performing electric skateboards we reviewed. It has premium features, like a wide maple wood deck, regenerative braking, and unparalleled acceleration. The board’s battery compartment is water-resistant, moisture, and dustproof.

We love the MEEPO V3 because it is a blend of performance, aesthetics, speed and range. It can reach high speeds of 19 mph and has a travel range 11 miles. The MEEPO V3 also comes with an M4 remote that lets you adjust riding modes and speed on the go. It’s not the best cheap electric skateboard, but the MEEPO V3 is worth its price tag.

If looking for a board with water resistant feature, you can also check whether Boosted boards are waterproof here



5. Backfire G2 Galaxy Electric Skateboard

Our experts love the Backfire G2 Galaxy because of its 180 days’ warranty. Whether you buy an affordable electric board or an expensive one, it’s great to have a 3-month cushion. The Backfire G2 also sports a moderately flexible base with a weight capacity of 240 lbs.

This electric board can reach a top speed of 25 mph and travel a range 12 miles before it needs to recharge. It also has a smooth deck lined with grip tape that provides friction during high speed riding. The Backfire has two modes (sports and eco) for flexibility and greater control.



6. Boosted Mini X Electric Skateboard

The Boosted Mini X was built for speed with its 20 mph top speed and powerful 1000 Watts battery. It also has excellent longevity features, like a long-lasting battery and regenerative brakes. This electric skateboard can travel up to 15 miles on one charge and run for 1 hour 45 minutes.

The electric skateboard is durable and covered with smooth, non slip material. Its Android and iOS apps let you control pretty much everything you need to. The Boosted Mini X is so powerful that it’s not recommended for riders younger than 16 years old.

(For more powerful skateboards, we also have top-speed electric skateboard under 300 here)



7. Voyager Neutrino Compact Cruiser Electric Skateboard

The Voyager Neutrino is an affordable electric skateboard with modest performance. For its price, our experts were only expecting an electric skateboard that would accomplish the bare minimum. However, the Voyager Neutrino exceeded their expectations with 12.5 mph max speed and 7 mile travel range. The board can also climb 15° inclines.

This electric skateboard weighs just 9.5 lbs but can support a rider of up to 176 lbs. Our team loved its Bluetooth remote control. It’s a wonderful addition, considering that the Voyager is one of the popular cheap electric skateboards on the market.



8. Casulo Electric Skateboard with Wireless Controller

If you’re looking for the best electric skateboard below 500, you may not need to look farther than the Casulo Electric Skateboard. It has everything a budget board needs, from a high top speed to decent battery range. The Casulo even has a wireless controller to switch between its three riding modes.

The Casulo Electric skateboard has four polyurethane wheels that are durable and wear-resistant. It can carry a rider of up to 176 lbs and reach speeds of 12 mph. Our experts particularly loved this electric skateboard’s unboxing experience because it comes with useful tools like a wrench and a detailed instruction manual. You can also add useful accessories like high-quality skateboard lights for more safety. 



9. Teamgee H20 39” Electric Skateboard

One thing that caught our team’s eye was the sheer power under the Teamgee H20. It has a powerful 1080W hub motor that can reach a top speed of 26 miles per hour; many scooters don’t even go that fast. The Teamgee also surprised us with its battery capacity. A single four-hour charge produces an 18 mile riding distance.

This electric longboard also has other features, like 4 riding modes and 4 brake modes for maximum control. Speaking of control, the H20 skateboard also has a wireless remote for adjusting speeds and activating the brakes.



10. Hicient Electric Skateboard

The Hicient Electric Skateboard may be the best electric skateboard on the market if we judged on value alone. It has a moderately powerful battery, adjustable rider modes, and a strong deck for extra rider support. The Hicent board also has a wireless remote controller for adjusting riding speeds and braking. 

Our team also found that the Hicient Electric Skateboard is only 12.6 lbs, which is surprisingly light considering its specs. It has a single 350W motor that can reach a top speed of 12 mph. This electric skateboard’s battery has enough juice to travel 10 miles.



Cheap Electric Skateboards Buyer's Guide

Design and Dimensions

A board’s design is one of the first things you notice, and that’s why manufacturers have invested so much into getting it right. These days, we have electric boards with radical designs and dimensions, like an extra-long deck or extra customization options.

The design of the board also affects dimensions. For example, the Swagtron Swagskate NG-3 board has an extra-wide deck for rider balance but a short length. As a result, it’s more suited for younger riders.

The Blitzart longboard, on the other hand, has a 38-inch deck with the tires at each end. This gives older riders lots of room to stand while still providing enough width for balance.

If durability is your priority, you should look out for boards with carbon fiber [1] decks. These tend to be very strong, with a high weight capacity.


An electric board may be as little as 7 lbs or as much as 30 lbs. Weight alone isn’t an indicator of the board’s quality. Some boards have heavy-duty motors, and their weight only adds to the performance. It’s also difficult to tell a board’s quality by its weight. Some durable deck materials are strong and light, while others are heavy and resilient, like bamboo wood.

One thing you can take to the bank is the relationship between a board’s eight and the max load. Heavier boards tend to support heavier riders and vice versa. This correlation may be intentional since heavier boards need bigger riders to carry them comfortably.

Batteries also used to contribute to a significant amount of the board’s weight. Fortunately, new technology has made lighter and more efficient batteries. They are not as heavy as they used to be, but you can still expect a board with more travel range to weigh more than one with less travel range.


Electric skateboards are known to be much faster than manual skateboards. Their powerful motors can propel a rider faster and farther than any kick ever could.The best electric skateboard manufacturers know how to achieve max speeds with affordable materials. Some products in this category can go as fast as 26 mph, and they achieve this through a combination of powerful motors, durable wheels, and a strong battery.

If you want to know more about the speed of electric skateboards, you can check our page about how electric skateboards work here

Even though these boards have a defined range, maximum speeds depend on external factors too. A heavy rider going up an incline will move slower than a kid heading downhill on smooth asphalt. Our experts also noticed that higher battery charges are best for top speeds.


Depending on the manufacturer, your board may have a hub motor or belt drive, and it may be rear or all-wheel drive. Motors are also rated differently based on their power and output. The standard rating for an electric board is Watts. The higher the wattage on the motor also determines how faster your electric skateboard can perform.

Most motors are rated between 100W and 750W. If your board happens to be an all-wheel drive, two 750W motors would mean a total power of 1500W. A board like that is fast enough to go 30 mph, maybe even more.

If you’re looking for a budget board, all that power may raise the price. And considering that most people will never reach 30 mph without injury, it may be better to settle for a moderate board. A combined output of 600W is more than enough for most riders.

Battery and Charging Time

The battery in your e skateboard determines your total travel distance. Most budget boards like WowGo 2S have excellent battery max out around 15 miles, which is a decent distance for the price.

It’s important to know that the total distance traveled on a charge depends on speed, terrain, and riding habits. Distance ratings are based on the board’s optimum performance, and most riders will never get that far. 75% of the estimated distance is a great benchmark to aim for.

There’s almost nothing you can do about charging time. It mostly depends on the charger type and manufacturers’ build.

Remote Control

It’s impressive to find cheap electric skateboards with wireless controls. These controllers are often expensive to make, and they can enhance your riding experience by a significant margin. Most of them allow you to adjust your riding speeds, riding modes, and even activate the brakes.

The best remote controls for electric skateboards also have wrist straps. These are invaluable because they make the controls more comfortable to access while you’re riding. Keeping it handy can help prevent potential accidents and improve riding pleasure.

The wireless controller comes calibrated with the skateboard, and all you have to do is insert a battery and ride. Some boards also come with mobile apps available on the Android and Apple stores. These apps allow you to adjust your riding modes and check the battery level. For safety reasons, you can’t adjust your speed while riding.


A board’s performance is a function of everything from the motors to the battery, and that’s why manufacturers take great care in designing these boards.

The motors determine how fast the board can go, and the batteries determine how far it’ll run. The deck determines the weight of the board, which affects acceleration. Even the tires can increase grip for better maneuverability.

Even though they are faster than manual boards, you can’t perform tricks with most electric skateboards. The battery and motor are under the board, which is the part that takes most abuse while tricking.

For excellent performance, you can check how much speed a Boosted Board can give you here

Ease of Use

Most electric boards are easy to use. If you’ve ridden a manual skateboard before, you’ll have no trouble with these machines. The same goes for people that have experience with scooters, hoverboards, or hover skates. They operate on the same principles and use the same sensors.

Most boards can sense when a rider has hopped on, and they respond to whichever way you lean. As your weight shifts from left to right, the board turns and banks; the same applies to going fast or slow.

Wireless controllers further enhance the ease of use of these skateboards. The remotes have intuitive controls that are easily accessible, even at top speeds. The remotes also let you select preset modes. These modes can adjust your speed and maximum distance.

Safety Features

Electric skateboards come with numerous safety features. Some basic ones can be found on most boards, like responsible brakes, a strong deck, and durable battery housing. Other safety features are only on the best cheap electric skateboards. These include LED lighting, a wireless controller, mobile app, and even regenerative brakes.

Features like the regenerative brakes serve dual functions. Besides stopping riders from crashing at top speed, they also store kinetic energy for future use and increase riding time. LED lights are advantageous features because they make riders visible in poorly lit environments. They can mean the difference between a safe ride and an unfortunate accident.

Riders also have a role to play in the safety of electric skateboards. If you can, be sure to invest in some helmets, knee and elbow pads.

Looking for boards with impressive safety features? Then, understand how worthy buying Boosted boards known for performance safety and speed. 

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Price and Warranty

When buying an electric skateboard, price is one of the first things you consider. There are several products on the market, and knowing the pricing of an electric skateboard is essential. The costs range from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand. Some of these products deliver excellent value, but most of them are overpriced.

To find the best cheap electric skateboard, you need to consider the material build. Because you’re not just looking for cheap, you also want to make sure the product can last. Keep an eye out for lithium batteries, maple decks, and polyurethane wheels. These are the most affordable and durable materials for an electric board.

The product warranty is also essential because it provides a safety cushion for your purchase. Most manufacturers offer a 180-day warranty on some parts and a one-year warranty on others. When checking for warranty information, also keep an eye out for customer support quality. A one-year warranty is useless if you can’t use it.


What is the best budget electric skateboard?

The best budget electric skateboard is the Blitzart Hurricane Electric Longboard. It offers an outstanding balance between affordability and performance, with a top speed of 18 mph and a maximum travel range of 10 miles.

Our Top Pick For a Cheap Electric Skateboards: Blitzart 38" Hurricane Electric Longboard

The Blitzart 38″ Hurricane Electric Longboard meets all our expectations for an affordable electric skateboard. It offers superior performance, safety features, and an overall experience that surpasses other boards in its category. From its 38″ bamboo maple deck to its 250 lbs max load capacity, the Blitzard has it all.

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