What is the Best 3-Wheel Electric Scooter? — Top Picks For Adults and Kids (2024)

If you thought that three-wheel scooters are just mobility aids for seniors, you’re missing out. While two-wheel electric scooters are popular among the younger generation, three-wheel scooters have also been gaining traction because of their stability and balance.

However, not all are made with equal durability and power. To help you avoid scooters with substandard motor or material, our team tested the best 3 wheel electric scooters afor you. 

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Reviews of the Best 3-Wheel Electric Scooters

1. E Wheels EW-11 Three Wheel Moped

For vintage-lovers out there, the EW-11 is the best 3 wheel electric scooter that will transport you in style. It may have the classic paint job reminiscent of the 1950’s, but it’s backed with powerful features. It has a top speed of 18 mph, 40-mile range,  twist throttle, dual rear shock absorbers, and 16’’ pneumatic tires.

On top of that, it also has room for another passenger. For extra safety and comfort, the EW-11 also has dual mirrors, front headlight, padded backrest, anti-theft alarm system, and several onboard storage compartments. 

Based on our testing experience, the EW-11 is easy to maneuver and is comfortable to ride on. Overall, it’s great for driving around town or for city cruising.



2. Pride Travel Pro Premium Mobility Scooter

Another unit from Pride, the Travel Pro is built for mobility purposes. Whether you need a three-wheel electric scooter for running errands or city cruising, this sleek model is a great companion.

Looking at the specs, this electric scooter has a 4 mph max speed, 8-mile range on a single charge, and 32” sharp turning radius. It’s equipped with an adjustable swivel seat, dual braking system, and 8”solid tires. Plus, there’s a sturdy front basket for your things.

This scooter is also travel-friendly. It’s pretty easy to disassemble and pack into your car.



3. TopMate ES30Mini Electric Three Wheel Electric Scooter

TopMate ES30Mini may look a bit odd, but it’s packed with great features. It has a lithium-ion battery that powers a 250W brushless hub motor, plus a 21-mile range — more than what most scooters can provide.

Despite this scooter’s unique design, our team of testers surprisingly found it enjoyable to ride on. It does take some getting used to because you have to raise your feet beside the front wheel. Still, it can handle road bumps, thanks to its suspension system. Furthermore, it’s equipped with pneumatic tires and two shock absorbers for a safe and comfortable ride.



4. The Pride Go-Go Ultra X

During our tests, the Ultra X mobility scooter provided commendable stability, safety, and comfort. By the numbers, its 33” turning radius and 75-pound weight make it very easy to maneuver. This three-wheeled scooter is also equipped with anti-tip wheels and has an eight-degree incline rating. With these features, it can effortlessly handle slight inclines.

As for comfort, the seat on the Ultra is height adjustable and can be rotated so it’s easy to get on and off the vehicle. The armrest can also be adjusted, giving full control over comfort when riding.



5. Wave Catcher from RollPlay

Before we review more adult and senior scooters, let’s look at one for the kids, shall we? 

The Wave Catcher electric scooter from RollPlay resembles a skateboard riding experience. It has an aluminum skateboard deck that tilts left and right, and you maneuver it by leaning in either direction. 

Specs-wise, this scooter has a 10mph max speed, a push-button throttle, rear foot brake for smooth stops, and a quick-charging battery. It’s also foldable so you can easily transport it everywhere.

Not only is it the coolest electric scooter for 8-year olds and above, it also passes children’s safety standards for a smooth and secure ride.



6. EW-20 Sporty Scooter

The EW-20 Sporty is another stylish scooter that’s backed with great features. Granted that it has a more affordable price, but it doesn’t skimp on functions with its 15 mph top speed, 21-mile range, and 300lbs weight capacity. 

We’ve tested this three-wheel electric scooter on heavier riders and it holds up pretty well, something that other personal transporter models may not provide. It also has three speed settings you can choose from, a LED headlight, and a folding handlebar.

Furthermore, this unit is shipped fully assembled so you don’t have to take time on setting it up.



7. Drive Medical Zoome Power Scooter

Designed for recreation and mobility, the Drive Medical Zoome puts three things first: maneuverability, comfort, and safety.

With a 15mph max speed and a 20-mile range, it’s pretty versatile for city rides and running errands. But unlike many electric scooters, the Drive Medical Zoome has both forward and reverse controls. You would also have no problem climbing ramps and slight hills due to its 10-degree incline rating. 

Furthermore, it can carry heavy riders of up to 300 lbs, thanks to its steel-supported seat. Other features include an LED headlight, folding tiller for storage, locking mechanism, and a handbrake.



3-Wheel Electric Scooter Buyer’s Guide

Like their two-wheeled counterpart, three-wheel electric scooters are available in different styles and can be built for different purposes. You have models for kids, adults, and mobility scooters for seniors.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a good scooter:


Do you want a stand up riding scooter or one you can sit on? Maybe you also need something with onboard storage.

Consider the wheels, too.  Generally, there are two types of tires in electric scooters: pneumatic and solid tires. Pneumatic wheels are filled with air, and they provide better traction and cushioning. However, they can be prone to flats.

On the other hand, solid rubber tires use a filling material instead of air, so they don’t go flat. The downside is, they don’t provide better traction.

You might want other features in the design as well, such as rear lights, rear suspension, and maybe even Bluetooth speakers.

Power and Speed

Power and speed are two of the major numbers riders look at when purchasing a scooter. The motor watts tells you how much power the motor can consume. Basically, the higher the watt rating, the more a scooter is capable of quick acceleration. It could also handle more weight or climb inclines.

Here’s a quick comparison. A 250W brushless motor has a 12mph speed and can handle 220lbs. On the other hand, a 400W front wheel hub motor can reach 15mph speeds and can carry up to 300 lbs. Depending on your needs, you may need a higher or lower power and speed.

Battery Capacity

Another thing you should look at is how far your scooter can go on a single charge. Of course, better batteries will let you reach longer distances, and lower quality ones won’t take you very far. Also consider the charging time, as immediate use may be important to you.


With three wheels, it should be easy to turn and maneuver your scooter in any direction. Many stand-up scooters can be controlled by a lever or a thumb throttle on the handlebars, and some may provide both forward and reverse controls.

For good maneuverability, get models with handles that contain a thumb throttle, handbrake, footbrake, or even a battery indicator, so you have everything within reach when trying to control the scooter.

The speed control and braking systems must be considered as well for a smooth ride. If a kid will be using the electric scooter, having different speed controls will come in handy. Stopping should be smooth, too. 

The rear end brake is pretty common in many models, although some have a gyroscopic system that stops the scooter when you pull the handlebars towards you. Some advanced models, such as the Immotor GO, have an electronic brake system. 

Material and Durability

You don’t want something that will easily break or need frequent replacements. For the frame, you want durable materials like carbon fiber or industrial-grade aluminum alloy [1]. Kids’ scooters won’t probably have this though, as they’re often made with lighter materials like plastic.

Rider Age

This applies more to kids rather than adults. Scooters for kids 5-7 years old will be different from those in the 8-and-above age group. Rider age is crucial at this point because when you let a younger kid ride a scooter for older children, he won’t be able to handle the weight of a heavier scooter and thus won’t be able to maneuver it properly.

Purpose and Terrain

Before buying a scooter, ask yourself first about its purpose. Are you buying it for your kids’ recreation? Is it for commutes and city cruising? Or do you need it for mobility purposes? 

In addition to the “why”, also ask yourself the “where” question. Where will you be using the scooter? If the roads will be bumpy and steep, look for scooters with dual motors, adaptive suspension, higher power, and better shocks. But if your rides are fairly smooth, you wouldn’t need such advanced features.

Price and Warranty

The price of the scooter should justify the unique features it offers. Look at the material, speed, power, range, and other functionalities. It also goes without saying that you should always buy a unit with a warranty. That way, if your unit gets damaged or needs replacement, the merchant will cover it at no additional cost.

Advantages of a 3-Wheel Electric Scooter

Many of us are used to seeing scooters with two wheels. And while the three-wheel electric scooter may look odd to some, it has its own advantages.


Is there a 3 wheel electric scooter?

Yes, there is a 3 wheel electric scooter. They offer better stability, smoother turns, and safety features compared to two-wheel scooters. Recreational 3-wheel scooters are available for kids and adults, while there are mobility scooters for seniors. 

How much does a 3 wheel scooter cost?

A 3 wheel scooter costs about $300 to $2000. Kids’ scooters are usually cheaper than adult ones, but mobility scooters can be more expensive because of the increased safety and stability features for senior users.

Our Top Pick For a 3-Wheel Electric Scooter: EWheels EW-11

After rigorous tests, our professional team picked the EW-11 as the best 3 wheel electric scooter because it has all the qualities that every rider needs–comfort, security, stability, storage, and style. Even if it looks classic, it runs up to 18mph, has a 40-mile range, dual shocks, an anti-theft system, and lots of onboard storage. Overall, the EW-11 provides a well-rounded riding experience for you and a passenger, too.

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