Apollo Phantom — Speed, Range, and Other Specs

The Apollo Phantom is one of the most popular electric scooters on the market today. It’s a great way to get around town quickly and easily, and it’s a great option for those who are looking for an environmentally friendly and affordable alternative to traditional transportation. 

In this review, we’ll take a look at the features of the Apollo Phantom and find out why it’s so popular among electric scooter enthusiasts.


The Phantom is, on average, 42% slower than its most potent competitor, the VSETT 10+, which is capable of reaching 15 mph in 2.5 seconds and 25 mph in 5.6 seconds. It is also slightly slower than the less expensive Apollo Ghost, and despite having smaller motors, the Mantis Pro accelerates faster.

Hill Climb

Due to the peak output and torque of its dual motors, the Phantom is an effective climber of hills. It can scale slopes of up to 25 degrees, which, in comparison to the hills you are most likely to encounter, is extremely steep. Imagine the steepest street in San Francisco, Filbert Street, if you’re unsure of what this looks like. 

This street’s incline is 17.5 degrees, which is significantly steeper than what the Phantom can handle. The Mantis Pro and the VSETT 10+ are two examples of scooters that can climb hills faster than the Phantom, but you won’t be disappointed with the Phantom’s powerful motors.

apollo phantom hill climb


Currently, scooters with dual spring suspension are quite common. However, only one available scooter features a 45-degree, downward-angled, quadruple spring suspension system. Having two springs at the front and rear makes a difference, resulting in a ride that is exceptionally smooth and free of painful vibrations in the wrists, ankles, and knees. 

As with every other aspect of this scooter, the suspension has undergone three rounds of rigorous testing and refinement. This is a significant factor in the Phantom’s ability to achieve such a perfect shock-absorption balance. The swingarms allow for a great deal of travel, and the springs can be adjusted to suit the terrain, but the suspension is neither excessively spongy nor springy. 

The base of each spring on the Phantom is fitted with a rubber bushing to prevent the scooter from feeling too bouncy. This absorbs some of the bouncing action, cushioning it so that your riding stability is not compromised.

The Braking System

The Phantom is in the upper tier of scooters in terms of braking performance, with a stopping distance of 3.04 meters from 15 mph. This is quite remarkable. This outstanding performance can be attributed to several factors. First, the Phantom’s brakes are equipped with 160 mm disc brakes, which are 20 mm larger than those of competing models. The larger discs are responsible for greater braking control, allowing for more precise stopping.

The second factor is the quality of the Nutt brakes on their own. These are some of the strongest and most dependable brakes available on the market. Additionally, they have a reputation for being the most user-friendly. This is due to the tendency of the alternative, Zoom brakes, to be somewhat jerky and abrupt.

apollo phantom braking

You can pull on the Nutt brakes without worrying about disrupting the Phantom’s smooth riding experience because they are significantly more refined.

Charging Time

The Phantom, like the majority of Apollo’s scooters, is equipped with multiple charging ports. The scooter comes with a single standard charger, which, when used, will allow for a full recharge in 12 hours. This is not as lengthy as others, but it is still quite extensive. There are two options available if you wish to reduce your waiting time. 

You can either purchase an additional standard charger or upgrade to a fast charger. Using the two standard chargers in tandem or the fast charger alone will cut the charge time in half, from 12 hours to 6 hours. Avoid mixing a standard charger with a fast charger. This will not accelerate the Phantom’s charge time. It will only harm your battery.


When folded, the Phantom measures 124 cm in length, 69 cm in width, and 53 cm in height. The Phantom’s handlebars are 69 cm wide and do not fold, so keep this in mind when transporting or maneuvering it through a tight space. It barely passes the trunk inspection. The stem-folding mechanism is simple to engage and disengage, and when the stem is locked into riding position, there is no wobble and no flex. 

One of the finest stems available. The stem attaches easily to the footrest, and its width is narrow enough to be grasped with one hand. The footrest cutout provides a convenient handhold for lifting the scooter into a trunk and prevents the stem from detaching from the deck, which can occur if the scooter is lifted by the stem.

apollo phantom portability


Although the Phantom is not as tank-like as other high-performance scooters, its oversized handlebars give its rivals a run for their money. With a width of 27 inches, they nearly match those on the monstrous VSETT 11+, falling short by only half an inch. However, there is more to wide handlebars than their aggressive appearance. 

They serve a crucial purpose on performance scooters, as the wider grip improves your balance and stability at high speeds. With the Phantom’s explosive acceleration, you will be grateful. This functionality extends to the rubber-coated hand grips of the Phantom. These are comparable to those on the Ghost, but lack the cutouts seen on the Ghost’s younger sibling. 

They have a well-designed shape that is flared at the edges and curves inwards towards you, making them ideal for securely wrapping your fingers around. Between these two hand grips are all of the luxuries that make the Phantom an exceptional ride. The distinctive HEX display panel in the center is nearly impossible to miss. 

This angular module was designed by Apollo specifically for Apollo and is not available anywhere else. It contributes significantly to the Phantom’s next-generation status. On the left side of this is the rear brake lever, which is located above the handlebars, and below this is a small command pad with multiple buttons. 

These controls operate the Phantom’s headlight, turn signals, and horn. Additionally, there is an additional button that controls the sport mode, giving the Phantom an added boost of aggression when necessary.

apollo phantom handlebars


The Phantom does not adhere to the same aesthetic standards as the Apollo scooters that came before it. The brand has always been identified by its bright blue design, adding a splash of color to an otherwise relatively subdued scooter palette. This time around, however, Apollo has eschewed this playful design in favor of a more subdued, but nonetheless attractive, menacing black design with steely gray accents.

It may be less distinctive, but this scooter doesn’t need a garish paint job to demonstrate the power coursing through its frame; its performance speaks for itself. In addition, it is consistent with Apollo’s new direction, matching the Ghost in terms of subtlety.


The deck of the Phantom is designed to accommodate a variety of riders. It measures 8,5 by 20 inches, which is comparable to the size of the Wolf Warrior, a well-known high-performance scooter with a large frame. The Phantom has ample space for passengers to relax. It also has a kick plate that is angled toward the rear to aid in this. 

Combined with the size of the deck, you have several stance options to choose from, allowing you to get comfortable regardless of how you prefer to ride. In addition, the kickplate incorporates a small notch. This is where the Phantom’s stem attaches when it is folded. Despite being a minor detail, it has a significant impact on the riding experience. 

Previously, there was a hook located at the rear of the Ghost’s deck. This was an awkward location for riders with a wider stance, as there was a possibility of catching your foot on it. This would be much more rider-friendly if it were embedded in the kickplate, but its functionality would not be compromised.


apollo phantom deck

Additionally, the deck is covered in a textured silicon material with deep grooves for enhanced grip. White accents are included in the Phantom’s branding, despite the lack of coloration of its exterior. Typically, this would be painted on because it is faster and less expensive, but the Phantom does not take the easy route. 

Apollo has utilized white silicon to prevent the fading of these white accents. Instead, your deck will appear as good as new, even after you’ve spent hours cruising around on it.


While the Phantom has a comprehensive feature set, Apollo has included two standout safety features that place this scooter above almost all others: a 1000 lumen headlight and real turn signals with on-screen indicators. Although you would not purchase a car without headlights, you may purchase a performance scooter without one. 

Powerful scooters frequently lack the required feature of adequate lighting. If you ride at night, you understand the situation. In addition to your other equipment, you must purchase, attach, charge, and keep track of additional lights in order to increase your visibility. The daytime and nighttime visibility of the Phantom’s high-mounted headlight, front deck lights, and bright orange rear turn signals is close to perfect.

The only disadvantage of the lighting configuration is that the turn signals are only on the rear, so traffic-facing drivers will be unaware if you turn against them

apollo phantom lights


Simply put, the TOUVT tires on the Apollo Phantom are the most comfortable tires ever installed on a production scooter. They are large in both dimensions, measuring 25 centimeters in diameter and 8 centimeters in width, and have the optimal profile for sporty riding: quick steering when upright and slow, stable steering when leaning over.

Simply put, the TOUVT tires on the Apollo Phantom are the most comfortable tires ever installed on a production scooter. They are large in both dimensions, measuring 10.0 inches in diameter and 3 inches in width, and have the optimal profile for sporty riding: quick steering when upright and slow, stable steering when leaning over.

Traction is excellent at any angle of lean. On these tires, the recommended 50 psi feels overinflated and contributes to the front tire’s occasional power-skitter over high-frequency road defects. If you are willing to sacrifice a few miles per charge, it is recommended running the tires at 45 psi for a smoother ride and greater traction.

The Phantom’s tires are pneumatic (inner tube) tires mounted on a split rim for easy tire replacement.

Build Quality

The current Phantom is a combination of three different scooters. Before settling on the final design, Apollo went through many variations. Each phase of testing afforded them the opportunity to refine and upgrade, resulting in one of the most comprehensive and well-finished models on the market.

apollo phantom best quality

It is made of aviation-grade aluminum, which is known for providing high strength without excess weight. Additionally, the stem is double-reinforced for increased durability. This is crucial because the neck is where the scooter folds, making it the primary source of structural weaknesses. 

But the Phantom is tough where it matters most. The addition of a secure stem locking mechanism and safety pin prevents it from suffering from annoying and potentially hazardous stem wobble. Its durability is a result of its meticulous design, as well as the fact that all of its components are proprietary, or made specifically for Apollo. 

As a result, they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle because they were designed as a single unit as opposed to smaller, separate pieces. This gives the scooter a durability that other scooters can only hope for. In addition, the Phantom has an official IP54 certification for water resistance. 

There aren’t many cyclists who enjoy riding in the rain, but sometimes you can’t avoid it. This is taken care of by the IP rating, giving you peace of mind that your scooter will not sustain permanent damage.

The Quality of the Ride

One of the most comfortable scooters to ride is the Phantom. Assuming you stick to urban and less difficult off-road terrain. Apollo has been able to improve and develop every component to the point where they all work together seamlessly due to rigorous testing. Among all of the Phantom’s features, the quadruple spring suspension has the greatest impact on comfort.

apollo phantom wheels

This suspension system has never been seen before and was designed specifically for the Phantom. No one knew before its release whether it would be able to deliver, but let me assure you that it does. It adapts effortlessly to urban and smooth off-road terrain, absorbing shocks and protecting your joints from severe impacts.

Obviously, its pneumatic tires also aid in this regard. They absorb both large and small vibrations, and their increased width and textured tread keep you stable and balanced. It is important to note that ride comfort depends on a number of other factors besides suspension performance. 

The good news is that the Phantom excels in every category. The extra-wide handlebars provide excellent control over the steering column, the kickplate allows you to lean into the ride, and the brakes instill confidence by allowing you to stop quickly whenever necessary.

Is Apollo Phantom Waterproof?

The Apollo Phantom is water-resistant with an IP54 certification. This means it can handle some splashes and moisture, but is not waterproof. The scooter is made of aviation-grade aluminum, which is known for its high strength and durability, so it can handle some rain or splashes. 

However, it is not recommended to use the scooter in heavy rain or submerge it in water as this could cause damage to the electrical components.


The Apollo Phantom is a great choice if you are looking for an electric scooter that is powerful, reliable, and stylish. It has a powerful dual motor system that allows it to reach speeds of up to 20 mph and climb hills of up to 25 degrees. It also has an impressive suspension system, solid brakes, and premium-grade tires that make it great for both urban and off-road rides. 

And, with its 1000 lumen headlight, turn signals, and water-resistant IP54 certification, it is a great choice for riders who are looking for a scooter that will last and keep them safe on the road.


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